Interested in what we get up to?  You can read about our recent projects, below, and find out about research and projects we did in a life before Work With Meaning here.

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Resilience in the Arts: Research, organisational change, and communications strategy

We have been appointed (in March 2017) by The Arts Council of Wales as Resilience Advisers for two of its funded projects. We are working with Head4Arts and Community Music Wales, identifying organisational vulnerabilities and building resilience, sustainability, and relevance throughout times of profound social, economic, environmental, and cultural change. 

The Great Get Together and Big Lunch: Research, communications, and PR

We are working with Eden Project Communities on their Great Get Together and Big Lunch campaigns, in partnership with the Jo Cox Foundation (2017). The campaign's focus is on ending loneliness and social isolation and building strong, cohesive communities and our role is seeking-out and sharing stories of community action. 

Big Welsh Walk: Communications and PR strategy

This spring (2017), we worked with Ramblers Cymru, helping them develop clear consistent messaging with broad audience appeal, raise the profile of their work, and engage a wider audience in their Big Welsh Walk in order to grow and sustain interest in rambling. 

ACEs and Resilience: Research

Our ongoing research project is exploring adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and psychological resilience. Our particular focus is on children growing up in families where a parent has a drinking problem. Our work looks at the risk and protective factors associated with resilience and at the mechanisms of disclosure and seeking support.  This work is part of a post-graduate research project at the ESRC Doctoral Research Centre (at University of Bristol). 

Values Thinking: Workshops and learning resources

Last year we worked on Food Values research with Aberystwyth University, Organic Centre Wales and The Common Cause Foundation, and PIRC. This year, we've been cooking up ways to turn our research into practical ways of working. Look out for our Food Values for Equality event on 27th July 2016, and our Values Thinking Toolkit, which will be published soon (and will be free to download).

Real-life Perspectives on Unpaid Care: Social research

We were commissioned by WEN (the Women's Equality Network) to find out what it means to be an unpaid carer in Wales - why it's such an important role and what personal compromises are involved. Read our research findings in our narrative report (published June 2016). 

Our narrative research report, Real-life Perspectives on Unpaid Care (published in June 2016). 

Our narrative research report, Real-life Perspectives on Unpaid Care (published in June 2016). 

The Big Lunch (Eden Project)

We've been helping The Big Lunch with their strategy in Wales, reconnecting their communication and engagement work with the campaign's core aims: creating connected communities and reducing loneliness and social isolation.  We shifted focus from street parties and bunting to stories of friendship, community and inclusion.  Here's a short film we made to help tell The Big Lunch Story. It's about a group of neighbours whose friendship grew from a Big Lunch and has seen them through cancer, redundancy, bereavement and more.  

Cooking for Everyone:  Educational inclusion

Since 2015, we've been working with groups of young people at Ysgol Y Deri school in Penarth, as part of an annual learning programme aimed at getting children with special educational needs enjoying cooking and developing practical skills for life.   

Food Manifesto for Wales: Citizen-led Social Change

A citizen-led project to create social change through food. The idea grew from our work on Food Values and has developed into an interdisciplinary, cross-policy campaign aimed at creating a fair and sustainable food system in Wales. Find out more and get involved at

Food Values: Action Research

Photo of Becca Clark at the Cardiff soup event taken by Alice Ridding from Spin the Yarn

Photo of Becca Clark at the Cardiff soup event taken by Alice Ridding from Spin the Yarn

The stories we tell about food have consequences for what we choose to eat, and ultimately the food systems that we end up with.

Our action research project explored the values people express when they talk about food and what the consequences of these conversations might mean for food policy and infrastructure.  

The project was developed and run by Sophie Wynne-Jones at Aberystwyth University, Jane Powell at Organic Centre Wales and Bec Sanderson at PIRC. Work With Meaning led the work in Cardiff, exploring conversations about food poverty in a diverse urban community, and contributed to the report. Read the final report and case studies. 

Positive Pregnancy Choices: Social Research (Public Health)

Low birth weight is a key predictor of health inequality.  The risk behaviours associated with low birth weights are most prevalent in young mothers (under 25), living in areas of high deprivation.

We were commissioned by Aneurin Bevan Gwent Health Public Health Team to undertake research across Caerphilly and Gwent to gain insight into young women's experiences, behaviours, social influences, and their support and information needs.

Read our research report, Positive Pregnancy Choices (published April 2015).

Resources for public health

Our research revealed a lack of resources aimed at young people. Most pre-natal advice felt 'too old' and 'boring' and, because it didn't feel relevant, was often overlooked.  

The young women we spoke to told us they wanted to hear from people like them, so we wrote compelling personal stories about young people taking control of their lives and making positive pregnancy choices.  Then we worked with Emma, from Fallow, who brought our stories to life by creating a set of designs with strong visual appeal and audience relate-ability.  Available in English and Welsh.

Welsh Wish: Values-based Campaign Strategy

WWF Cymru wanted to find a way to make protecting people, planet and places relevant to everyday life.

We developed a campaign strategy to engage pro-environmental and pro-social values, and bring WWF's supporter community together.

We worked with WWF to develop the campaign's creative concept - a photo-sharing campaign, capturing images of what makes life precious and worth protecting.

Wales' Bright Future: Narrative Development

How do you explain what sustainable developments means and why it's so important? How do get people's attention and capture their imagination? By story-telling.

We wrote the story of Wales' bright future. Then our talented friend, Laura Sorvala of Auralab, turned our words into pictures.

We created a visual narrative to help the Sustainable Development Alliance (an alliance of over 20 organisations in Wales with a shared vision of a sustainable future) influence the Wellbeing of Future Generations Bill (Wales) and ensure its effectiveness in protecting people and planet. 

The illustrations have been used on social media, websites and in presentations to ministers to promote awareness of the bill. The campaign was also included in a big feature on Wales Online.  View the full slides on the project website.

The Cardiff Way to a Healthy Day: Research and Resources for Public Health

When you're trying to juggle raising a family and your weekly budget, making healthy choices can sound like a hassle but, if you live in Cardiff, there's lots of help on hand.

For this public health campaign, for Public Health Wales and Families First, we worked with dieticians, community workers, midwives, and the public health team to identify help available across Cardiff and find out what matters to busy, young families trying to make their budget stretch.

We developed a bilingual poster/leaflet packed with bite-size information and tips, presented by friendly characters (our research showed us that visual appeal and a friendly tone were very important to our audience).

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