Past Work

We want to share research that we contributed to in our life before Work With Meaning because the work and the people we work with shape who we are and how we work today.  Besides, it's interesting.  We hope you agree.

Sustainable Development Narratives for Wales: A Framework for Communications (2013)

Agreeing that Sustainable Development is vital is only the start of the journey, but how does a national government help its population engage and become further involved? COIN led a team of ten social researchers and communications specialists in a ground-breaking two year programme to develop and test new narratives and language for the Welsh Government to apply in all its public engagement.

Read the report on the Welsh Government website.

Lead Authors: Andrew Darton, George Marshall

Narratives for a Sustainable Wales: Values, Language, Identity (2012)

This interim report forms part of a bigger piece of work (listed above) to develop narratives for sustainable development in Wales – a piece of work commissioned by the Welsh Government as part of its strategy to engage people on the issues of sustainable development and climate change and to encourage sustainable behaviours across Welsh society.

A consortium comprising experts in communication, Welsh life and networks, behaviour change, social psychology and sociology delivered the work, using qualitative research, discourse analysis and semiotics in order to develop Welsh narratives. This report combines the key findings of the research with literature reviews on identity and value in a Welsh context. 

Download the report here.

Authors: Rosa Robinson for Cynnal Cymru-Sustain Wales